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What can happen when man and nature collide...

The Way of the Meadow

In the magical world of the meadow, the flowers bloom, the insects buzz, and the butterflies roam free. The plants and animals live together in harmony, with help from a curious and ecologically-minded girl named Willa. But the beauty of nature has other battles to fight, and Willa discovers that sometimes Mother Nature sends help to protect the meadow - in the form of very enchanting and wonderful little fairies.

Velma Begley’s The Way of the Meadow is a look into our ecosystem, and what can happen when man and nature collide. With a poetic voice, Begley crafts a world both true and fabled, where conservation is an effort all readers can appreciate.

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The Way of the Meadow


Way of the Meadow Fairy BookAs a slight blush of pink silhouetted the tree line, Mother Earth yawned and stretched her arms up to welcome in the rosy spread of dawn. She wiggled her fingers and sleepy, emerald leaves stirred, ever so slightly, at the lacy tops of the trees.

The gentle rustling set the flexible, twiggy arms of high branches swaying in graceful arches against the sky. A rush of silvery mist glistened suddenly in the breeze. As the mist cleared the treetops and drifted slowly toward the meadow, tiny, floating forms began to materialize within it. Mother Earth recognized the magic of the moment and smiled in hopeful anticipation.

As the sun warmed and evaporated the mist on the incoming breeze, seven tiny, time-traveling Thistlewhisp fairies untangled themselves from the soft webbings of their thistledown parachutes and began to assess their new surroundings. Mother Earth had summoned them here. They were eager to discover how they and their secret magic might be of use to her. Ages ago, in a far-away land, they had learned the art of healing using different combinations of the ingredients provided by the plant life found on Earth.